Forgotten People

18 years of service to the Chabrouh Camp

The Lebanese Association held a ‘Veteran’ camp at the newly renovated centre of Chabrouh. It was an opportunity for the founders of this project to return as volunteers and to bring their spouses and children to experience the camp. Many of the most dedicated and contributing young members and volunteers are alumni of this unique work of our Order.

Chabrouh Camp is the flagship international work of the Order of Malta’s Vision 2050. Volunteers led by the Youth of the Order in Lebanon together with the youth of other delegations, including Germany, England, Holland, Switzerland and France, care for physically and mentally challenged individuals from specialised homes and psychiatric hospitals across Lebanon.

The camp’s renovations include expanding the dinning room and dormitories for guests and volunteers, insulating walls, the roof, and windows and installing a state of the art kitchen, as well as specialised bathing facilities for the disabled.

The opportunity to share this experience was such a success that every summer camp season will now open with a ‘family camp’ where parents and children gather together to offer joyful service to the disabled guests of Chabrouh.

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