As the Fund develops, our partnerships with grantees are being extended beyond financial grants to incorporate a number of other services. Helping to build the capacity of the organisations of the Order of Malta is a priority this year and we would welcome opportunities to help other Associations, much as we already help the Lebanese Association.
  • The Lebanese Association has now applied successfully for three flagship grants from the Global Fund in support of:
  • The Chabrouh summer camps for young disabled
  • Medical support for disadvantaged Lebanese citizens
  • Extension of facilities and provisions for the recent influx of Syrian refugees

Joint fundraising

  • The Global Fund has supported the Lebanese Association in its approaches to a number of carefully identified donors.
  • The Global Fund has been selected as the main beneficiary at the Order of Malta Ball 2014 in Edinburgh with funds designated for the Lebanese Association’s work with Syrian refugees
  • The Global Fund created a video of the Chabrouh camp to encourage donations and volunteering
Campaign development
  • The Global Fund is creating a bespoke campaign to introduce new donors to the Lebanese Syrian refugee programme
  • In partnership with the Lebanese Association, the Global Fund is using its Vision 2050 youth network and social media platform to help recruitment for the CARAVAN and Chabrouh international volunteering opportunities for young people