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Remembering the Forgotten

Did you know that you can give 1% of your Will to care for the Forgotten?

Leaving a legacy to the Fund is a simple and flexible way of supporting the future works of the Order of Malta. It only takes a few minutes to organise a gift in your Will but its effects on the lives of Forgotten people will outlast a lifetime.

The Fund is grateful to a member of the Australian Association who has helped the work of the Order grow and thrive by leaving a legacy to the Fund in his will. As a keen supporter of the works of the Order both in his own country and globally, the support that the Fund has received as a result of his decision will ensure that future works of the Order live on.

Consider remembering the Forgotten in your Will today. Large or small, legacies to the Fund transform lives.

Contact Emily van Lier for more information.

Gifts in Celebration

A celebration that really counts:

A special birthday, anniversary or landmark occasion deserves a special celebration.  The Fund can help you mark these occasions with a gift that will bring joy to those who are otherwise forgotten.

By either donating in honour of someone else, or asking friends and family to donate as a gift to you, the Fund can help your celebration make a lasting impact.  We can provide examples of the difference a gift could make, and even link some gifts to specific projects.

We can help you decide what mechanism to use to give or ask people to give.  We can provide pictures and stories to bring your gift alive and send thank you letters, donation certificates and even unique Fund gifts in recognition of your and your donors’ generosity.

Contact our team to explore how you could welcome the Forgotten to your celebration today: [email protected]

$30 could fund transportation for 50 disabled guests at the Asia-Pacific Summer Camp for Disabled Young People

$35 could provide a hot meal every day for a month for someone facing extreme poverty in Albania

$40 could provide a year of food and companionship for a lonely and isolated old person in Cuba

$90 could provide medical care to over 100 displaced people in Lebanon

$150 could pay a week’s salary for a teacher for 90 school-age persecuted Christian refugees from Pakistan, who have fled to Bangkok

This is Alina.

Every year since she was five, she has sent out beautiful party invitations, welcoming family and friends to celebrate with her, and directing them to a JustGiving page where they can donate in support of the Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem instead of buying her a present.  She loves supporting the hospital because it cares for babies and new mothers in the hardest circumstances, wherever they come from.

Her kindness year-in, year-out has raised almost £9,000 to help it in its lifesaving work, leading the hospital to write to Alina personally to thank her for thinking of those less fortunate.  She also sends a thank-you letter to each of her school friends and family who donates, sharing information about the cause.  Her generosity has made such a difference, both in Bethlehem, and in inspiring us at the Fund. Thank you Alina!

Gifts in Kind

It takes more than money to care for the Forgotten.

By giving a ‘Gift in Kind’, of your time, your expertise, or a service that you have access to, you save the Fund valuable resources and keep our costs at a minimum as we support the works of the Order

Could you support us with any of the following?

  • Office or meeting room space in central London
  • Pro-bono support, legal advice or marketing expertise in a range of countries
  • Translation of communications and marketing material
  • Good quality printing
  • Professional photographs or videos of work supported by the Fund
  • Website hosting or other website related skills and services
  • Volunteer support (data entry, research, social media)
  • Volunteer fundraisers, if you would like to organise a fundraising event, take on a physical challenge or raise money for the work we support in any way, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Contact us on: [email protected]

Supporting the Forgotten with AmazonSmile

Shopping online on AmazonSmile allows you to support the Fund’s care for Forgotten people around the world with your weekly shop, at no extra cost.

The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of your shop to the charity of your choice, when you shop on or

Visit this link (UK) or this link (rest of world) to set up The Global Fund for Forgotten People as your chosen charity and help us serve the world’s Forgotten with your everyday purchases.

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