Baroness Martine Jonet, former Hospitaller of the Belgian Association, remains heavily involved in the Order’s hospitaller work.  As Chair of Fondation Futur21, she has provided generous support for the Fund’s work.  Here she talks a little about her involvement.
How did you come across the Global Fund? 
I have watched the Fund’s progress with interest since its inception and was happy to have the opportunity to channel some support to works of the Order through the Fund’s European entity.  After discussions with the Grand Hospitaller, about this time last year, I proposed the Global Fund as a grant recipient to my Futur21 board.  Since then I have received regular updates on the Fund’s progress and the Order works they are funding with our donation.
What made you choose the Global Fund as a recipient of Futur21’s support?
The Fund has been set up in a robust, transparent way and I have been impressed by its professionalism.  It is registered as a charity in the UK and as a 501(c)3 in the US, it can receive donations tax-efficiently from most European countries, and it is also linked in effectively with the government of the Order – who first developed the concept back in 2010.
Please share a bit more about the projects you’re supporting through the Fund.
There are two projects which are especially close to my heart and that of my foundation.  Both have received flagship grants from the Fund.  Firstly, the sad situation of long term refugees from the conflict in Syria. I have seen this first hand with the Order’s Lebanese Association and it is an unimaginable situation for those of us privileged enough to live in peace.  Secondly, closer to home, a new centre to cater for the homeless in Belgium in the city of Ghent.  It provides this destitute community with hot showers, laundry, basic medical care and administrative assistance. We hope it will serve large numbers of the homeless people in the region.