Forgotten People

Medicine for Lebanon

A Country in Crisis

Lebanon is enduring a humanitarian catastrophe ignited by one of the worst financial crises in centuries, and further fuelled by COVID-19 and the Beirut explosion.

Shortages of basic goods plague every aspect of Lebanese life. Food prices have increased more than ten fold since 2019 and fuel shortages cripple normal life, endangering essential services such as hospitals. Vital medicines are scarce and expensive – drug subsidies have recently been lifted on essential medicines to treat common, chronic conditions.

The people of Lebanon are suffering, particularly the vulnerable, especially disabled people whose complex conditions often require multiple medications.

A History of Care and Compassion

The Order of Malta has had an established presence in Lebanon since 1957. The Lebanese Association has over 1,240 volunteers and 40 projects, including community health centres, day care centres for the elderly and a sustainable farming initiative.

One of the most beloved works of the Order is the ‘Lebanon Project’, in partnership with the Sisters of the Cross who care for 2,500 vulnerable disabled individuals across five homes.

Through three connected projects, Order staff and volunteers collaborate with the Sisters, helping on every level; they provide medical treatment, holidays, schooling, and support for the Sisters who work tirelessly for their disabled patients. These activities are centred on care and compassion and many volunteers develop a lifelong bond with the individuals they help.

A Global Network of Support

Our disabled friends have already suffered both physically and psychologically from prolonged periods of isolation as a result of COVID-19. Now they are enduring the repercussions of the deteriorating economic and political situation in Lebanon; the Sisters are unable to procure the medication they need to ensure the basic health and wellbeing of those they care for.

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