Forgotten People

Old is Gold: support the Order’s work with the elderly this Easter

Thousands of elderly people suffer from isolation, loneliness and health concerns. The number of people over 60 is expected to more than triple by 2100. For some elderly people, their failing health, poverty, and, above all, loneliness, create hardships almost impossible to overcome.

Caring for elderly people is a key field of action in the Order’s work, with young volunteers often being the driving force. Through its social and medical projects, the Order of Malta offers not just critical, practical help but also an expression of love, compassion and companionship.

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The Fund has awarded more than 60 grants, totalling over $900,000, in support of projects providing meals, transportation, healthcare and companionship for elderly people, allowing them to live in dignity, with love, care and comfort.

Click the images below to read the stories of Angjelina in Albania, Natalia in Slovakia and Chabika in Lebanon, and how the support of the Order has been vital to their dignity and well-being.

Angjelina in Albania

“It is a blessing knowing that you are loved”

Natalia in Slovakia

“Every day, I look forward to your visit. You are my rescue. I would not have been able to manage this situation without you.”

Chabika in Lebanon

“They bring medication and food packages. But, most importantly, they care for us. I feel less alone in this life.”

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Angjelina, Natalia and Chabika and their families are a few of the many disadvantaged and isolated elderly people around the world that the Order helps each day with medical care, food deliveries, companionship and compassion.

Elderly people are often forgotten and funding for this work is scarce. A recent study of US foundations* identified that just 2% of all charitable funding goes to support elderly people. 

This Easter we are asking for your help to support the Order’s crucial work in this area: 

  • $20 could pay for a medical appointment for an elderly visitor to the Order’s centre in Lebanon
  • $150 could provide a whole month of refreshments and accompanying companionship to visitors to the ‘Old is Gold’ centre in Albania
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Thank you for your generous support, which allows us to support further projects of the Order working with elderly people.

We wish you a very happy and holy Easter!

The Global Fund for Forgotten People team

<p style="padding:10px; color: grey; background-color: white; border: grey 2px solid">All donations made online between the 15th April 2019 and the 1st May 2019 will support our Easter appeal in aid of the Order’s work with forgotten elderly people. If you would like to make a donation in support of other work of the Order, please email:</p>
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