Forgotten People

The Order’s work with refugees and displaced children:

Through 2017, entire populations continue to be displaced and children are often the forgotten victims; deprived of their homes, families, education and the chance of a future. They are facing war, famine and discrimination.

In regions where these populations of displaced people, and the communities who are hosting them, are suffering and forgotten, the Order is present and providing essential healthcare, supplies and education for the families and children.

The Fund supports the Italian Relief Corps (CISOM), making grants to provide emergency first aid to families crossing the Mediterranean, to give life-saving care to children, including delivering babies on board.

The Fund supports the Russian Relief Service in providing emergency shelter for migrant families with young children and allowing access to healthcare and nutritional advice.

In the Middle East the Fund supports the Order’s work with internally displaced populations in Iraq and Syria, and with those who have fled their homes and are now living in Lebanon. 


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