Centre for the Disabled and Disadvantaged, Romania, Romanian Relief Service

Owned by the Romanian Relief Service and active since 2004, the Micfalau campsite is the main site for all camps, pilgrimages and trips organised by the relief service. The campsite hosts many groups (elderly, disabled children, etc.) throughout the year who would otherwise not be able to benefit from the projects designed especially for their special needs. The site consists of a group of 10 fully accessible buildings, which can accommodate a total of 120 people. Some of the buildings are ready and were used for the Relief Service’s summer activities, but in the winter the lack of adequate heating and sanitary system threatens the sustainability of this infrastructure. The grant will cover the cost of the renovations required to allow these buildings to be used all year round. Considering the cost of this project, the grant would be transmitted over 3 grants cycles.


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December 13, 2016