Health Care and Nutrition Services, Kenya, Malteser International

Since 2012, Malteser International has been running activities to help the Daasanach community from the remote district of Illeret, a region in Northern Kenya which is plagued by drugs. Despite being located on the shore of the Turkana Lake, Illeret has almost no access to drinking water. Based on this first phase of MI’s work, the objective of the project is to increase access to primary health care and nutritional services
particularly focused on the needs of the women and children in the Daasanach community. The activities will be implemented in 3 areas: improving the community’s general nutrition by detecting cases of malnutrition and developing awareness of the nutrition services; strengthening the health system under the stewardship of the country; and increasing the community’s participation in these services. The grant will directly cover the costs of these activities.


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December 13, 2016