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Reports from the Frontline: Situation Update from Beirut

Image: AFP

On Thursday 13 August, Order of Malta leaders gathered to hear an update from the Lebanese Association in the aftermath of the Beirut explosion at the Global Fund for Forgotten People’s latest ‘Reports from the Frontline’ virtual conference.

President Marwan Sehnaoui, Vice President Patrick Jabre and General Delegate Oumayma Farah shared their experience of the blast, and described the Order’s varied responses to care for the wounded and displaced with food, accommodation and medical care. Although a unique and terrible catastrophe in itself, the group reflected on the role of the explosion in shining a light on an already impossible situation for many living in Lebanon, beset by economic and social tensions on a daily basis. The Order’s existing work throughout the country, defined by love and respect for the dignity of every human being, has placed it in a strong position of trust to respond to immediate and long-term fallout from the crisis.

President Sehnaoui shared his own personal response to the catastrophe in a courageous and heartfelt letter of appeal, which you can find here. You can also hear Order Ambassador Paul Beresford-Hill’s statement at the UN on the topic of the Beirut crisis here.

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