On Tuesday 27 July, members of the Order of Malta and associates from around the world gathered to hear insights from the Cuban Association about the current hardships the country is facing and the Order’s humanitarian response, the latest in our ‘Reports from the Frontline’ series.

The President of the Cuban Association, HE Juan Tomas O’Naghten described  the Order’s historical presence in Cuba and the Association’s main projects in the country. The Chancellor of the Cuban Association and Chair of the Cuba Study Group, Carlos Saladrigas, shed light on the current situation on the ground in Cuba, the likes of which has not been seen in almost 60 years. They explained the unstable economic climate Cuba is facing and the challenges that presents. The discussion evolved to describe the response of the Order to the crisis in Cuba in the short-term, various options under consideration to get food and vital supplies to the people of Cuba, and reflections on the unique strategic advantage the Order has in Cuba to effect real change.