Forgotten People

Reports from the Frontline: The Diplomacy of the Order in the Time of COVID-19

Image: Order of Malta

On Monday 1 March, Order of Malta leaders gathered to hear about the Order’s diplomatic activities at the Global Fund for Forgotten People’s latest ‘Reports from the Frontline’ virtual conference.

The Order’s Grand Chancellor, HE Albrecht von Boeselager, reflected on the practical and ethical imperative that vaccines be distributed fairly around the world and outlined some of the challenges surrounding this, reinforcing the need for the Order’s work and thanking its Ambassadors for their perseverance through the demands of the pandemic. HE Stefano Ronca, the Order’s Secretary General for Foreign Affairs and Ambassador to Italy, discussed the Order’s ‘Doctor to Doctor’ initiative providing a free forum for the interchange of best medical practice, as well as the Order’s other diplomatic activities confronting inequity more widely, such as the International Religious Freedom or Belief Alliance. Finally HE Antonio Zanardi Landi, the Order’s Ambassador to the Holy See, shared insights into the Order’s relationship with the Holy See and recalled the Holy Father’s gratitude for the Order’s work throughout the pandemic.

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