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Reports from the Frontline: Ukraine: Living with a Crisis

Lviv, Ukraine, 07.03.2022. Evacuated children from Huliaipole school-orphanage, Zaporizhzhia region, crossing railway line at the station in Lviv. PAP/Vitaliy Hrabar

On the 29th of June, senior leadership and supporters from across the Order of Malta gathered for the Fund’s second Zoom conference focusing on the evolution of the crisis in Ukraine.

The Fund’s CEO, Justin Simpson, opened the discussion by addressing the importance of recognising the changing nature of the response required as the conflict enters its fifth month, and the consequent impact on the Order’s work in Ukraine and affected countries.

Pavlo Tikto, Director of the Ukrainian Relief Service, gave a moving account of his staff and volunteers’ efforts, and described some of the challenges they face daily that do not make the news. He also discussed the numerous projects of the Relief Service which pre-date the crisis, which are being maintained and expanded.

Daniel Solymári, Director of Foreign Affairs of the Hungarian Relief Service, vividly detailed the size and substance of their response, and the Relief Service’s significant capacity to not only distribute aid directly into Ukraine but also transport people, provide for needs and find accommodation for refugees in Hungary. He stressed the need to provide more permanent assistance to those staying in Hungary, such as integration services.

Marcin Świerad, Hospitaller of the Polish Association, discussed the strain the two million refugees staying in Poland is placing on the country, and the importance of maintaining the consistent support and cooperation of Order of Malta entities in order to best assist people.

Zsolt Pünkösti, Project Manager of the Romanian Relief Service, addressed the constantly changing nature of the conflict, describing the recent influx of refugees on the Romanian border following heavy bombing, and the impact of this alongside the challenge of decreased donations. He emphasised the importance of the network of the Order in allowing the Relief Service to respond to the crisis and maintain their existing projects.

Find the recording here. 

For more information about the Order’s overall response to the crisis in the Ukraine see the summary on the Fund’s website.  For more information on supporting this or any other work of the Order worldwide please contact Emily on

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