Forgotten People

Stories from our grantees – ‘Hell’s Tower’, Hungary

Hell's Tower is a forgotten, run-down, ten-story tower block at the outskirts of Verszprém with inhabitants living in deep poverty. When the Charity Service started its work in the tower-block, all electrical wires had been stolen, there was no lift, no furnace for heating and the conditions of the building made living here life-endangering. The building in fact had such a bad reputation that it became known as 'Hell's Tower' and mailmen insisted on having police escorts accompany them to deliver mail in their fears of being hurt. 195 residents live in this building – 60% of them are Roma and 25% are children.

Since then the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service has renovated flats, fixed the washrooms, redone the electrics and carried out many other refurbishments. It has also constructed and opened a multi-service community room and office. Here it houses a playhouse, provides tutoring for children and a job search service for residents. In addition to this it has also set up community support with social workers on site to support the 195 residents that live there and strengthen local networks. This project is owned by the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service and received funding from the Global Fund for Forgotten People in its inaugural round of grants.

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