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Support Us


Last year, projects supported by the Fund helped over 300,000 people worldwide.

Will you help us continue supporting these life-saving works?


Could provide a hot meal every day for a month to a child facing extreme poverty in Albania


Could provide a month’s emergency accommodation for 24 displaced families in Russia


Could provide two months of lessons to 90 refugee children fleeing persecution in Pakistan


Could provide training for ten medical students to provide life-changing care to leprosy patients in Cambodia


Whatever your cause, interest or geography, the Order is there working to restore hope

and dignity. Learn more here.

Discover other ways to support us

Friends of the Forgotten

We invite you to become a Friend of the Forgotten to secure a better future for vulnerable people.

By pledging an annual gift of at least £5,000, you will support a range of Order of Malta works across the world, giving alongside a committed community of donors.

You will have the chance to:

  • Directly fund a range of vital work, receiving regular reports on your impact
  • Receive invitations to private dinners and hear how your support is helping
  • Invite friends as your guests to learn more about the Order’s work
  • Visit a project and see the work you are funding first hand

An annual gift of at least £5,000 can change lives through impactful programmes worldwide, such as:

  • Giving 625 malnourished children in Mexico the chance to thrive through providing vital medicines and nutrition packs
  • Improving the desperate situation of 500 refugees in the Czech Republic by giving them healthy food and suitable clothing for an entire year
  • Providing a lifeline to the poorest in West Africa by funding access to transformative medical treatment that will save lives

To learn more or become a Friend of the Forgotten, email

Unforgettable gifts

From a hot meal for a hungry child to life-saving medical care for a new mother, a gift to the Fund brings joy and hope to Forgotten People across the world.

A special birthday, anniversary or landmark occasion deserves a life-changing celebration. Make sure yours has a lasting impact by donating in honour of someone else, or asking friends and family to donate as a gift to you.

Give an Unforgettable Gift

Donate in honour of a friend or family member, and they will receive a personalised, hand-written thank-you card, where they can read about the tangible difference that the gift will make.

Simply make your donation, and email us to let us know where to send the thank you card, and whether you would like to include a personal message.

Invite donations or make a larger gift

We can direct donations to the issues closest to your heart, help you set up JustGiving fundraising pages, and provide meaningful tokens as a gesture of thanks to you, and your friends and family.

Contact our team to explore how you could welcome the Forgotten to your celebration today.

This is Alina.

Every year since she was five, she has sent out beautiful party invitations, welcoming family and friends to celebrate with her, and directing them to a JustGiving page where they can donate in support of the Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem instead of buying her a present.  She loves supporting the hospital because it cares for babies and new mothers in the hardest circumstances, wherever they come from.

Her kindness year-in, year-out has raised almost £9,000 to help it in its lifesaving work, leading the hospital to write to Alina personally to thank her for thinking of those less fortunate.  She also sends a thank-you letter to each of her school friends and family who donates, sharing information about the cause.  Her generosity has made such a difference, both in Bethlehem, and in inspiring us at the Fund. Thank you Alina!

Remembering the Forgotten

Help us to ensure nobody is forgotten by leaving a gift in your will.

Leaving a legacy to support the Forgotten only takes a few minutes, but its effects will outlast a lifetime. If you want to help our vital work with the poor and marginalised live on, you can join the generous community of people pledging to remember the Forgotten around the world. It is also possible to leave a fixed amount or a percentage of your will to care for the Forgotten.

Contact Emily van Lier for more information.

Transforming lives

The late Fra’ Richard Divall was a dedicated supporter of the poor and isolated throughout his life.

A renowned conductor, composer, musicologist and Professed Knight of the Order, Fra’ Richard Divall AO OBE actively supported Order projects both in Australia and across the world.

By leaving a gift to the Fund in his will, he has ensured that these life-changing projects can continue to care for those who need it most.

You can read his story here

Investing in the future

As a recently retired managing partner of a law firm, Dunstan de Souza has always devoted time in both his professional and private lives to serving his local community and helping the most vulnerable.

Mr de Souza is a regular volunteer with Sydney’s ‘Coats for the Homeless’ initiative and an active supporter of the Order’s clinic in Timor Leste providing free medical care to mothers and children.

Now, Mr de Souza is continuing his valuable work by leaving a gift to the Fund in his will. “It’s about creating the kind of future we want to live in”, he says, “both for ourselves, and for the poor and the sick”.

You can read his story here

Gifts in kind

It takes more than money to care for the Forgotten.

By giving up your time, your expertise or a service you have access to, you make sure we can use even more of our donations to fund transformative projects for poor and vulnerable people.

Could you support us with any of the following?

  • Office or meeting room space in central London
  • Pro-bono support, legal advice or marketing expertise in a range of countries
  • Translation of communications and marketing materials (particularly into Italian, French, German and Spanish)
  • Good quality printing
  • Professional photographs or videos of work supported by the Fund
  • Website hosting or other website-related skills and services
  • Running events and activities or taking on challenges to raise money for the fund

However you can help, we’d love to hear from you. Contact our team to tell us more.

Or, see how you can volunteer with us.

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