For the first time, members of the Fund team visited the International Summer Camp for Disabled Youth, being held this year in Hungary and hosted by the Hungarian Association.
The Holiday Camp received one of the Fund’s inaugural grants of 2012.   

Over 500 volunteers and guests from around the world took part in the beautiful setting of Lake Balaton – the biggest lake in central Europe. They met there to spend a week together and have fun, in an environment that enabled disabled guests to forget for a moment that their disability is a barrier to living life like others.

The Global Fund for Forgotten People Envoys for Disabled Youth, Derek and Lee da Graça Pinto, also attended the camp.

Lee Da Graça Pinto commented on her experience of the day: “For the first time, for many of the disabled people that are here, they are free to truly be themselves, in perhaps the most accepted way that they’ve ever been in their entire lives.”

You can read an article about the Holiday Camp on the Order of Malta’s website here and watch a short film about the Camp on our homepage.