Forgotten People

Ukraine: One Year of Vital Support

The 24th of February marks the one year anniversary of the beginning of the war in Ukraine. As the spotlight begins to shift away from this protracted crisis, the Order of Malta is launching a worldwide fundraising campaign in solidarity with our colleagues in Ukraine and the neighbouring countries. Your support expands the reach of response, ensuring that help for everyone affected by the crisis is readily available.

The Order of Malta is recognised in Ukraine and the surrounding region as a trusted and essential frontline provider of food, shelter, medical care and social assistance to the most vulnerable. Already skilled and experienced in caring for those in need, and with decades of experience and relationships in Ukraine and the surrounding countries, the Order of Malta is uniquely positioned to respond to the war in Ukraine and the long-term care of its victims.

The war in Ukraine is now entrenched. Millions of Ukrainians who have fled or are internally displaced are adapting to a new way of life, filled with anxiety and uncertainty and the struggle of finding the next meal, clean clothes, or somewhere to live. The Order of Malta’s response to the crisis has been rapid and effective. Tens of thousands of volunteers have been mobilised in-country and surrounding countries, ready to help those fleeing or displaced with whatever they need, from hot meals and shelter, to mental health and medical support.

One year on from the start of the crisis, more than 17 million people are still in need in Ukraine. In the past year, entities of the Order of Malta have distributed and provided:

The Global Fund for Forgotten People has supported the Order’s work in the region for over a decade, funding multiple projects including outreach support to vulnerable elderly people, programmes for disabled children, and provision of food and shelter for the homeless. Existing relationships with Malteser International and Order of Malta Relief Services in the region help us identify where the Fund can most effectively contribute:  
Through works of the Order in and around Ukraine, the Fund will continue to assist those in need into 2023 and beyond. Generosity from donors is vital to continue this work to ensure no one is forgotten.

This map shows the current scope and scale of this work:

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