Date: 3rd  June
Time: 5pm (UK time), 7pm (Lebanese time)* 
The Lebanese Association of the Order of Malta has an exceptional track record in organising volunteering opportunities for younger members and volunteers and it has two great opportunities available for 2014-2015.
The Order of Malta CARAVAN project has started its application process for 2014 – 2015 and is looking for young people (over 18) to join this year's programme beginning in August 2014.  The international Order of Malta CARAVAN allows young people to spend ten months volunteering in Lebanon. During this time, volunteers work in homes for disabled people and also study intercultural dialogue in one of Beirut's best universities. 
The Lebanese Association has also begun recruiting volunteers for its summer camps for the young disabled. During these camps held in Chabrouh and Sourat in Lebanon, volunteers from around the world come together to bring joy, love and happiness to physically and mentally disabled guests. Volunteers provide one-on-one support to guests throughout a week of fun activities including games, walks and relaxing in the beautiful landscape of the Lebanese mountains. 
The call will be led by:
  • Mrs. Lisa S-C Simpson, Member in Charge
  • Dr. Issa Farkh, Head of CARAVAN programme
  • Patrick Jabre, Chabrouh and Sourat Camp Project Leader
With support from:
  • Theresa Premauer, CARAVAN programme manager
  • Charlotte de Kervenoaël, CARAVAN volunteer
  • Carl Madi, Chabrouh Camp Leader

If you would like to attend and learn more about these programmes then please email [email protected]

*Be careful to note your local time