National Camp for Young Disabled, French Association, France

The French National Camp provides young disabled people with cultural and physical activities they would otherwise not be able to access. The camp offers young disabled people and their families the opportunity to have a holiday and spend quality time together.

Asia Pacific Youth Camp for the Disabled 2018, Order of Malta Philippines, Philippines

The Asia Pacific Youth Camp provides an opportunity for disabled young people to meet new friends and learn about the Filipino culture. The camp aims to encourage the building of self- esteem and self-confidence, through difference games: group and individual games, arts and crafts, swimming and the Christopher’s Cup (Croquet), as adopted from the International […]

Asia Pacific Disabled Youth Camp 2019, Hong Kong Delegation, Hong Kong

This will be the third Asia Pacific camp. The four day camp gives 80 young people with disabilities an opportunity to meet new people, have fun and enjoy new experiences. Young people taking part in the camp can enjoy horse riding, day trips, hiking and water games.

“Hearts Desire” Programme for the Terminally Sick, Austrian Relief Service (MHDA), Austria

‘Heart’s Desire’ fulfils the last wishes of terminally ill patients in palliative care. The project provides the transport, medical assistance and care required to make special activities possible. Wishes have included the last celebration of a birthday with family, a trip home and the watching of a football-match.

The Order of Malta International Summer Camp 2018, United Kingdom, British Association

This grant is the seventh awarded by the Global Fund for Forgotten People for the International Summer Camp for disabled people between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five years old, which is hosted each year by a different country in Europe. The camp aims to empower young people with disabilities, forge a sense of community, […]

International Summer Camp for the Disabled, Austria, Austrian Relief Service

The International Summer Camp will be hosted in 2017 in Salzburg, Austria. This annual Order of Malta event aims to empower young people with disabilities, between the ages of 18 and 35, forge a sense of community, promote cultural exchange and help the guests to overcome personal, physical and mental barriers. This year, around 200 […]

Home Therapy for Disabled Children, Poland, Polish Association

The Polish Association provide home therapy to 100 children with disabilities and give added support to their families. Teams of experts, including a psychologist, speech therapist, physiotherapist, and educator, visit the homes of 25 families and provide treatment for their children, which would otherwise be unavailable. Additionally, the parents are provided with advice to help […]

Support Centre for Families with Disabled Children, Romania, Romanian Relief Service

The Romanian Relief Service’s support centre for parents of disabled children provides them with support, including stress management and strategies to cope with difficult situations. The centre also offers recreational therapy classes for the children and activities run by professional psychologists and therapists.

Education for the Disabled, Lebanon, German and Lebanese Associations

Project Toufic is a sub-project of project Karim, led by the community of young members and volunteers of the German Association, in partnership with the German and Lebanese Associations of the Order of Malta. In a similar way to the Caravan project, project Toufic continues the work the summer camps in Lebanon, developing the work […]