Increasing access to sickle cell disease prevention care and support, Uganda, Malteser International Europe

Developped by Malteser International, in partnership with a local NGO with expertise in treating Sickle Cell Diseases, the Order is working to reduce mortality and morbidity in Central Uganda by increasing access to prevention, care and support services for the disease through outreach clinics across the country. The outreach clinics will provide a service to […]

Improving healthcare and response to disease outbreaks, Colombia, Malteser International

This project addresses important gaps in health by improving the access to medicine, so that the local population are better prepared to react to disease outbreaks, such as the Zika virus or Dengue fever. The service helps to educate the community on infectious disease and preventative measures. It operates in the regions of La Guajira […]

Restoration of Water Pumps in Leprosium Hospital, Egypt, Egyptian Embassy of the Order of Malta

The hospital provides medical support to both outpatients and inpatients, suffering from leprosy and malaria, as well as dermatological, cardiac and gynecological diseases. There are over 750 lepers being treated at this hospital. The grant will help to restore the old water pumps and motors, improving the quality and amount of water arriving at the […]

Multiple Chronic Illness Project, Malta House of Care, USA, Federal Association

Malta House of Care, in Hartford, Connecticut provides free health care (examinations, blood tests and radiology, medicines and ongoing care) to adults with multiple chronic diseases and limited incomes who lack health insurance. The grant will enable the diagnosis and stabilisation of the patients’ health conditions at the earliest detection, treatment of chronic diseases, provision […]

Ebola Fever Prevention Equipment, Liberia

This grant was used to acquire and deliver protective equipment to the Liberian rescue crews. The crews helped deliver support to hundreds of vulnerable people affected by Ebola. Responsible Organisation: French Association

Training and Care for Sufferers of Leprosy and Other Neglected Skin Diseases, Mozambique

This grant supported those who assist people with neglected diseases, through the training of medical staff, and assistance for those who struggle with leprosy and other neglected skin diseases. Responsible Organisation: French Association

Hospital Equipment, Abu Zaabal, Egypt

This grant was awarded to renew equipment, procure medicines and medical appliances, and contribute towards the hospital running costs, improving the medical care and supporting in the training of new medical personnel. The funding enhances the support offered by the hospital to both outpatients and inpatients, predominantly those affected by leprosy and malaria. Responsible Organisation: Egyptian […]

Making Leprosy History, Cambodia

Leprosy can be cured easily if detected early.  Run by CIOMAL, this large scale programme provides a wide range of services and support for leprosy sufferers.

Hospice HAART Programme, South Africa

The Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Treatment (HAART) programme comprises of counselling, HIV testing, treatment, support groups and income generation support.

Tackling Leprosy, Niger

There is still the presence of leprosy in Niger, and it is imperative to continue the care of people who have already been treated but are still suffering the consequences of this debilitating disease.