‘A Safe Start’ Day Care Center, Embassy of the Order of Malta to Roma People, Romania

‘A Safe Start’ is a new project which includes a day care center for Roma children, with access to counselling and guidance. The project serves to increase the quality of life of pregnant minors, young mothers and children through education and support. The project is attended by 31 mothers and their 47 children.

Aide et Assistance, Swiss Association, Switzerland

Aide et Assistance, an organisation of the Swiss Association, collects second hand medical and humanitarian medical supplies and furnishings, such as hospital beds, school desks and clothes and transport it to those in need all over the world. This is done through the Order of Malta’s network of embassies and local organisations; ensuring the assistance […]

Protecting socially vulnerable children, Cruz de Malta Assistance Centre, Brazilian Association – Sao Paulo and Southern, Brazil

The Cruz de Malta Assistance Centre provides 4 to 6 year old children with a safe and welcoming environment while their parents are at work or in training. The activities developed by the centre contribute to the children’s physical and educational development and encourages the involvement and participation of their families. This grants from the […]

Maltese Symphony, Hungary, Embassy of the Order of Malta to Roma People & the Hungarian Relief Service

The Maltese Symphony Programme is a social project supporting the educational integration of disadvantaged children from the Roma community through participation in an orchestra. The project aims to strenghten the children’s sense of community and offer access to quality time outside school. This programme’s specific focus is on professional social assistance: social workers and teachers […]

Hurricanes Season 2017, America, Malteser International Americas

In the aftermath of the devastating hurricanes and earthquake of August, Malteser International have been deploying their efforts on the whole American continent, working in partnership with the Order’s National Associations when appropriate (Federal Association, American Association, Mexican Association and Puerto Rican Delegation) to rebuild lives and communities. Partnering with the local delegations of the […]

Order of Malta Centre of Care in Colombus – Ohio, USA, US – Federal Association

Located in one of the poorest areas in Ohio, the Order of Malta Centre of Care provides basic medical care and screenings to working people who do not earn enough to ensure their own care, but aren’t eligible for public aid. The grant will enable the purchase of medical equipment, and help develop longer opening […]

Primary Healthcare Centre in Siddikine, Lebanon, Lebanese Association

The Fund is supporting one of the many socio-medical centres run by the Order in Lebanon and enhancing its medical services by allowing the purchase of new technical, medical and paramedical equipment. The centre currently carries out around 10,000 socio-medical acts each year, from general medicine to social and psychological counselling.

Solidarity Cecina Camp, Italy, CISOM – Italian Relief Corps

The Fund is supporting the Italian Relief Corps (CISOM) who organise holidays for up to 20 children and unaccompanied minors living in difficult social contexts. The camp aims to provide support for the children through outdoor and educational activities. CISOM volunteers and staff organise a range of recreational, cultural, and sporting activities as well as […]

After-School Programme for Children, Albania, Albanian Relief Service

After-school centres play an integral role in the development of a child and this particular programme run by the Albanian Relief Service provides access to educational support for children from disadvantaged families. The centre offers children a secure environment and facilities where they can develop their abilities and learning skills, at the same time as […]

Improving Indigenous Living Conditions, Republic of Congo, French Association

Following a first grant awarded as part of the Christmas cycle 2015, the French Association implemented the pilot project of this program in support of the Republic of Congo’s indigenous population. It aims to improve access to health care and other basic services for Likouala’s indigenous population. The French Association is setting up mobile outreach […]