Improving Care of Pregnant Women, French Association, Benin

The Order of Malta has run the Djougou Hospital in Benin since 1971. The French Association runs a mother and child outreach programme from the hospital. This includes the treatment of women with obstetrical fistulas; a leading cause of maternal mortality. The Grand Master of the Order of Malta met with the President of the […]

Outreach for Mothers and Children, French Association, Togo

The outreach programme for mothers and children in Elavagnon, Togo improves child nutritional by providing dietary plans and information to mothers, and monitoring pregnant women as well as those who have recently given birth.

Treatment for Post Natal Complications, Madagascar, French Association

This project will operate in the Pavillon Sainte Fleur in Antananarivo.  It will aim to reduce the number of women affected by Obstetric Fistulas in Madagascar by providing expert surgical treatment and educating Malagasy surgeons and paramedics about the conditions and its treatments.

Reducing Malnutrition, Maracha Hospital, Uganda

This Malteser International programme is designed to help the community hospital to curb severe malnutrition and related morbidity in young children.

Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit, Holy Family Hospital, Bethlehem

  The Holy Family Hospital Bethlehem has enabled 53,000 successful births since 1990. The hospital provides the population of Bethlehem with an indispensable service, offering the only possible place for women of the┬áregion to give birth under good medical conditions.