Club for Seniors, Romanian Relief Service, Romania

This club for the elderly works to combat social isolation and loneliness in the community and provides seniors with a sense of belonging and the chance to feel that they are part of a family. The project engages the elderly community in leisure and socialization activities, provides health advice and organises outings and celebrations on […]

Transport for the Elderly, British Association, United Kingdom

This grant to the British Association is for a partnership project with the Orders of St John Care Trust. The project will provide transport for elderly and vulnerable members of the community, vital to maintaining community contact, and attending medical appointments. The service will enable residents to fulfil their interests, make contact with those who […]

Care & Assistance for the Elderly, Polish Association, Poland

The Order provides nursing and care services, medical rehabilitation and outpatient rehabilitation services. The project offers physiotherapy for 19,000 patients and 24-hour day care, helping 275 – 300 patients per year.

Medical Centre for the elderly, Albania, Albanian Relief Service

This project aims to improve the living conditions of 80 isolated elderly people who are living without the support of their families or the government. It will provide basic healthcare and daily support at home, facilitating their access to public services and providing a safe and accessible place for them to socialise. This project also […]

Transport for the Disabled, Scotland, British Association

Since 1987, the project Dial a Journey has been providing and maintaining a vital service to those with mobility difficulties living in Central Scotland, particularly the elderly, as well as children and adults with disabilities. The door-to-door service is the core of their work, and allows those who are unable to use public transport the […]

Support for the Elderly, Cuba, Cuban Association

In Cuba, the elderly account for 18% of the population and this trend continues to increase. The members and volunteers of the Cuban Association have been running a program for the elderly on a daily basis for the last 15 years. The project delivers food and provides medical support and physical activity workshops to 49 […]

Social Canteen, Romania, Romanian Relief Service

The ‘Maltese Social Canteen’ program provides hot meals daily to 100 people at home. The project helps to reduce social isolation, providing daily interaction and occasional help with household activities. The individuals who benefit from this program are the elderly, people below the poverty line and those with physical disabilities and their families. The grant […]

Meals on Wheels, Lithuania, Lithuanian Relief Service

The project ‘Meals on Wheels’ started in 1993 and now runs in 16 cities and villages across Lithuania. The project delivers hot meals to lonely elderly people living in poverty, it also delivers food packages three times a month to those who are able to make prepare their own food. The grant will assist the […]

Comedores en Cuba: Support for the Elderly, Cuba, Cuban Association

This program has been run for 15 years on a daily basis by the members and volunteers of the Cuban Association. The project delivers food to forty-nine elderly care centres managed by the Cuban Associot. The grant will enable an increased number of meals to be served, as well as to improve the quality and […]

Home Care on Wheels, Lithuania, Lithuanian Relief Service

‘Home Care on Wheels’ provides medical and social assistance to the elderly and disabled living in Lithuania’s rural regions who are unable to take care of themselves. In addition, the project helps to assist the individuals who are taking care of their family members and manage to combine the family duties with their work commitments. […]