Night Shelter for the Homeless in Tbilisi, Georgia, Embassy of the Order of Malta to Georgia

This new initiative of the Order aims to provide a safe and warm shelter for homeless people in Tbilisi and is developed by the Ambassador of the Order of Malta to Georgia in cooperation with the Latin Bishop of Tbilisi.

Breakfast for the Homeless, Luxembourg, Luxembourg Relief Service

With the high standard of living in Luxembourg, homelessness in the country is often actively ignored. The Luxembourg Relief Service are addressing this need and assisting the forgotten homeless by providing around 60 breakfasts for the community every two weeks. Volunteers have seen beneficiaries of this program steadily increasing over time and are working to […]

Mother and Child, Russia, Russian Relief Service

The Russian Relief Service’s programme ‘Mother and Child’ was established in 2016 and has been providing provisional shelter and care for more than 50 families with young children. Social workers organise daily support for the mothers and their babies, including medical visits and nutritional advice. The project has been expanded, on the request of the […]

“La Fontaine” Shelter for the Homeless, Belgium, Belgian Association

This project was awarded two previous grants on St John’s Day 2013 and St John’s Day 2014 to support the shelters for the homeless in Belgium. These three centres (in Brussels, Ghent and Liege) are on-going projects, experiencing a high attendance level, that aim to provide daytime shelter and facilities for people most at risk. […]

Help for the Homeless, Czech Republic, Grand Priory of Bohemia

Since 2012, the Fund has awarded four grants to support this on-going project run by the Grand Priory of Bohemia. It aims to offer help to homeless people in Prague through assistance with their administrative affairs, in particular helping them to obtain legal documents (e.g. IDs) and the social benefits to which they are legally […]

Emergency Support for Flood Victims, USA, US Federal Association

The objective of this project is to help the people affected by the floods in Lafayette, Louisiana (August 2016), aiming to restore their lives and allowing them to return to their homes. The priority is placed on the elderly, the disabled, and the families with young children. As the homes are still full of water, […]

Emergency Support for Earthquake Victims, Italy, Italian Relief Corps (CISOM)

The Order’s Italian Relief Corps has been present since the early hours of the 25th August to provide relief following the emergency of the violent earthquake that struck central Italy. CISOM teams are still present to assist the local communities. The Order of Malta has been based at Amatrice Sports Stadium. Immediately after the earthquake, […]

Refurbishment of a Training Centre and Shelter, Uruguay, Uruguayan Association

This project provides coaching and training to homeless mothers, children and the elderly to help with their integration back into society. The refurbishment of the centre will create an increased space for mothers to spend one-to-one time with their children in a quiet and safe environment. The project will help over 140 single mothers, children […]

Computerisation of La Fontaine, Belgium, Belgian Association

The daytime shelters “La Fontaine” provide hot showers, laundry services, basic medical care and administrative assistance for the homeless in Brussels, Liege, and Ghent, helping 25,000 individuals per year. The “La Fontaine” houses are the only shelters providing a complete chain of services on the same location. This grant will allow for the administration and […]

‘Way Home’ Project, St Petersburg Russia, Russian Relief Service

The ‘Way Home’ project will enable 120 people who have been forced to remain in St Petersburg without legal documentation and means of working to return to their home city or country. The project helps to prevent homelessness among non-residents and foreigners in the city and assists them in finding employment. ‘Way Home’ also provides […]