The Global Fund for Forgotten People raises money for a range of Order of Malta projects which reach out directly to people who would otherwise be forgotten. The Fund raises awareness of and support for issues which have fallen under the radar, and which struggle to get public attention.

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Recent News

Celebrating Children’s Day with the Holy Father!

Pope Francis’ official visit to Romania at the beginning of June included meetings with the country’s church and civil leadership, the beatification of seven Greek Catholic bishops, and a heartfelt meeting with the Roma community in the impoverished neighbourhood of...

Faces of the Fund: Interview with H.E. Michele Bowe

Responsible for the Fund’s governance as well as grant allocation, our Trustees and Directors are all actively involved in the Order’s work, bringing depth of knowledge as well as a global perspective. We met with H.E. Michele Bowe, Chair of the Fund’s US Board of...

Old is Gold: support the Order’s work with the elderly this Easter

Thousands of elderly people suffer from isolation, loneliness and health concerns. The number of people over 60 is expected to more than triple by 2100. For some elderly people, their failing health, poverty, and, above all, loneliness, create hardships almost...

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