In a connected world, the media spotlight shines brightly on those in need. But millions still suffer in silence. The hungry, the old and the sick. Those who have left their homes behind or have no home at all.

We support Order of Malta projects across the world, helping those who would otherwise be forgotten. Our mission is to restore dignity and alleviate suffering wherever it exists. With your help, we can fund more vital work for those who need it most.

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Faces of the Fund: Interview with Bronius Einars

The Order of Malta’s work with the elderly is one of its greatest strengths. We spoke to Bronius Einars, President of the Lithuanian Relief Service, about this key part of the Order’s global mission and how it has developed in Lithuania. How did you become involved...

Christmas Grant Awards 2020

This Christmas, 41 grants have been awarded supporting the reach and impact of the Order's work across six continents, providing education, food and medical care for some of the world's most vulnerable. Asia Pacific Summer Camp for Disabled Youth, Australian...