The Global Fund for Forgotten People raises money for a range of Order of Malta projects which reach out directly to people who would otherwise be forgotten. The Fund raises awareness of and support for issues which have fallen under the radar, and which struggle to get public attention.

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Recent News

World Health Day

Members and volunteers of the Order of Malta are involved in the running and delivery of projects providing medical assistance to the poor and the sick worldwide. From Sickle cell disease and leprosy care in Africa, to medical assistance for those without insurance in...

The 26th Hospitallers’ Conference

This weekend, representatives from the Global Fund for Forgotten People, will be attending the 26th European Hospitallers’ Conference, hosted by the Hungarian Association of the Order of Malta, in Budapest.

The Maltese Symphony

The Maltese Symphony is run by the Order’s Hungarian Relief Service and the Order of Malta’s Embassy to the Roma People; the project aims to help disadvantaged children through the art of music. Through the formation of an orchestra the Order aims to build a...