The Global Fund for Forgotten People raises money for a range of Order of Malta projects which reach out directly to people who would otherwise be forgotten. The Fund raises awareness of and support for issues which have fallen under the radar, and which struggle to get public attention.

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Recent News

Order of Malta Irish Cadet

A young Irish Order of Malta cadet from the Wexford unit, rescued an injured passenger after he was thrown from a motorbike and trapped underneath it on the roadside. After the driver fled the scene, quick-thinking Chloe Sinnott, 12, treated the man’s wounds with baby...

Lebanon on Wheels

Lebanon on Wheels originally started in 2016, when two young Order of Malta volunteers cycled from London to Athens, to raise money for "Project Toufic". Now in its third year, the Lebanon on Wheels Challenge will include two teams taking on the cycle ride. Antoine...

Order of Malta: did you know? Caravan

The name “Caravan” has historic meaning in the Order. It was the name of the 1-2 year formation experience and education that every knight went through before becoming a Chaplain of the Order. To find out more about the Order's current CARAVAN project click...