The Global Fund for Forgotten People raises money for a range of Order of Malta projects which reach out directly to people who would otherwise be forgotten. The Fund raises awareness of and support for issues which have fallen under the radar, and which struggle to get public attention.

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Recent News

Helping Disadvantaged Children, Romania, Romanian Relief Service

This project aims to improve the living conditions and mental and physical health of 20 disadvantaged children through extra-curricular activities. The project works alongside a day care centre for elderly and disabled adults, which helps to raise the children’s...

Order of Malta: did you know?

The flag of the Order of Malta’s works in its present form dates back over 400 years; the first clear reference to an eight-pointed cross was its representation on the coins of Grand Master Fra’ Foulques de Villaret (1305-1319).

Malteser International healthcare project, Kenya

Malteser International runs a nutritional and healthcare project in northern Kenya. This is an arid land on the north-eastern shore of Lake Turkana, near the Ethiopian border.  It is a very remote area, only accessible on poorly maintained rough roads which become...