Hunting for meaningful Christmas presents this year? Why not give an Unforgettable Gift: a donation in support of forgotten people around the world.


Could provide a month’s meals and care for an elderly person in Lebanon


Could fund five months’ physiotherapy for a disabled child in Albania


Could build farming plots for two hungry families in Haiti

Gift recipients will receive a hand-written thank you card and a small gift as a reminder of the tangible difference their present will make to people facing hunger, sickness and isolation.

The process is simple:

  1. Make a donation of your choice
  2. Email us with the recipient’s address, and an optional personal message.
  3. We will send a handwritten card to your recipient to let them know about the gift made in their name.

Want to make a larger gift, or invite donations in place of Christmas presents yourself?

We can arrange for gifts to be directed to the issues closest to your heart, help set up JustGiving pages and offer fundraising support.

Contact us about your Unforgettable Christmas today!