Malteser International runs a nutritional and healthcare project in northern Kenya. This is an arid land on the north-eastern shore of Lake Turkana, near the Ethiopian border.  It is a very remote area, only accessible on poorly maintained rough roads which become impassable during the rainy season due to flooded dry riverbeds. The next tarmac road is more than 400 km away. This area is one of the worst drought affected regions of Kenya, this affects the children foremost.

The project goal is to increase access to primary health care and nutritional services that are particularly responsive to the needs of women and children in the Dassanach community. Malteser International are working to increase the number of mothers giving birth in the health facilities by providing expectant mothers with “mama packs” giving nutritional and health advice and psychological support. So far the project has increased the number of fully immunized children by 50%. Project leaders have increased awareness of nutrition and healthcare within the local community through outreach programmes in local villages, which have so far led to 1025 children take part in a feeding programme and the number of patients seeking health care has increased by 50%.