“La Fontaine” Shelter for the Homeless, Belgium, Belgian Association

This project was awarded two previous grants on St John’s Day 2013 and St John’s Day 2014 to support the shelters for the homeless in Belgium. These three centres (in Brussels, Ghent and Liege) are on-going projects, experiencing a high attendance level, that aim to provide daytime shelter and facilities for people most at risk. In order to continue welcoming those in need of a secure and safe environment, the new Brussels centre requires some renovation. The grant will cover part of the renovation and equipment for the new building and will ensure that it meets the local health and safety requirements. This grant will allow the Belgian Association to continue providing their 45 daily visitors with a complete chain of co-ordinated services (basic hygiene, primary healthcare and social support) in an improved and central location.


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December 13, 2016