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The Global Fund for Forgotten People supports forgotten people – such as the elderly, the homeless and the marginalised and persecuted – those who, even in our modern world, when the spotlight of attention seems to shine everywhere, are suffering beneath the surface.

The Fund supports projects in all parts of the world that are making a difference to hard-to-reach, overlooked communities.


"A major part of the Order of Malta's activities around the world is to help the most disadvantaged of society, who do not tend to be the focus of media attention, or placed high on national agendas. In order to intensify the efforts to raise funds and awareness for these forgotten causes around the world, we have launched a new international vehicle – the Order of Malta's Global Fund for Forgotten People – to support the longstanding existing local works of the Order that can make a real difference."

Grand Master Fra' Matthew Festing

"The Lourdes pilgrimage exemplifies what the Order does and how and why – bringing together members, volunteers and associations from all over the world in their care for Malades. The hope is that the Global Fund will highlight the magnitude of work done by the Order throughout the world and in time will act to unite us in our further service of the sick and the poor."

Lisa S-C Simpson, Member in Charge, The Global Fund