“Thank you for the support you give to our country in this difficult moment” – Ukrainian Relief Service

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, more and more lives are being lost, homes, hospitals and schools destroyed, and hundreds of thousands of people displaced.  Infrastructure damage is affecting electricity and water supplies, road blockages mean people cannot reach food or medical care. Those fleeing their homes have few resources as they enter neighbouring countries as refugees. 

The Order of Malta is recognised in the Ukraine and in the surrounding region as a trusted, essential and frontline provider of food, medicine, medical care and social assistance to the most vulnerable people.  The following map shows the current scope and scale of this work.

Food, medicine, shelter, welcoming of refugees, care for the elderly and disabled who are not able to flee.  This is the work the Order has carried out for centuries, these are the people who need our help now.

Already skilled and experienced in caring for those in need, the Order of Malta is well positioned to respond to this crisis and the longer-term care of the victims of this catastrophe.  The bodies of the Order involved have been supported by the Global Fund for Forgotten People for the last decade.  Their rapid and substantial response to this crisis demonstrates the fruits of that investment and we continue to source and coordinate support through the Order’s network.

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